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  • Good news! The stomatology major of our school was selected as the national first-class undergraduate major construction site
  • Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of national first-class undergraduate major construction sites in 2020. The major of stomatology in our college was selected as the national first-class undergraduate major construction sites.




    The first batch of five-year undergraduates was enrolled in 2000 and the first batch passed the undergraduate certification of Stomatology of the Ministry of education in 2012. It has been successively approved as the emerging characteristic (International) major in Zhejiang Province, the advantageous major in Zhejiang Province and the first-class undergraduate major construction site in Zhejiang Province.


    Our school attaches great importance to the construction of professional internationalization. We have successively established long-term cooperative relations with more than 10 well-known universities or institutions such as the Dental College of Loma Linda University, the Dental College of Pacific University, the Dental College of Washington University, the University of Queensland, the University of Alberta in Canada, Tokyo Dental University, the school of dental medicine of the University of Hong Kong, the Dental College of national QUANNAN University of Korea, the Dental College of Chiang-Mai University in Thailand,etc, and have held large-scale international academic conferences with those universities or institutions for many times.  Nearly 20 students are sent abroad every year to visit or exchange, so as to broaden students' international vision.


    So far, our school has educated more than 500 undergraduate graduates, and the employment rate has reached 100% over the years. We have trained a large number of excellent senior dental talents for East China and the whole country. Many graduates have become the backbone of oral diagnosis and treatment in public hospitals, and some graduates have been employed overseas. In the past three years, the admission rate of graduates for postgraduate entrance examination has reached more than 50%, and about 15% of graduates are further their studys from well-known domestic colleges and universities every year. The average score of graduates participating in the national medical examination is far higher than the national average level, of which the passing rate of skill assessment is 100%,and the passing rate ranks among the top 10% in China.


    Over the years, our school has continuously strengthened the connotation construction, with the goal of cultivating senior stomatological talents who are "emotional, confident, able to do things and innovate", deepened the education and teaching reform, improved the quality of talent training, and made contributions to the national development strategy and regional development needs.


    In the future, our school will further highlight the professional characteristics, improve the professional connotation, strengthen the students' sense of social responsibility, practical ability and innovation ability, and cultivate more first-class stomatological talents with international competitiveness.

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