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Message from the president
  • Message from the President


    Dear Friends,

         Welcome to the School & Hospital of Stomatology at Wenzhou Medical University. We are the home to a thriving, diverse, and creative community of distinguished and highly committed faculty, talented and motivated students, as well as professional and caring staff.       

          Since established in 2002, School &Hospital of Stomatology, WMU has educated and inspired oral healthcare professionals to combine clinical excellence with a concern for the total wellbeing of each patient through our integrated educational courses.

          With the mission of School & Hospital of Stomatology, WMU to raise future experts who contribute the health and the happiness of mankind through open intelligence and compassion, we will continue to be engaged in our social responsibility to bring the positive change and development to the society.

           I am proud of our educational excellence and innovation. We are a place where big ideas and small details come together, giving you a state-of-the-art learning experience with a distinctly personal touch. Whatever your goals, I hope you'll join us on the highly rewarding path of lifelong learning.

           Thank you and best wishes!


                                                                                             Ma Jianfeng

           President & Professor

           School & Hospital of Stomatology, Wenzhou Medical University



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