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Main Directions
  • Brief Introduction of Discipline Development

    1. Pathogenesis and new techniques for prevention and treatment of oral inflammatory diseases

    The research direction focuses on the pathogenesis of oral inflammatory and infectious diseases (caries, periodontitis, periapical periodontitis); the regulation mechanism of the formation of dental plaque biofilm, the molecular mechanism of the early colonization of oral bacteria and the key initiation link, the genetic polymorphism of oral disease-causing bacteria and the integrated prevention and control technology; to elucidate the pathogenesis and prevention strategies of inflammatory oral diseases from the unique perspective of oxidative stress; to develop new methods and techniques for the prevention and treatment of oral inflammatory diseases by combining the latest photodynamic and antimicrobial biomaterials.

    2. The development of oral and maxillofacial and the mechanism of malformation and the new technique of prevention and treatment

    The direction focuses on the research on the molecular mechanism of the development of teeth, bone and soft tissue in the oral and maxillofacial area, the development and the pathogenic genes of genetic diseases, and the prevention and early intervention of related pathogenic mechanisms; the occurrence and development of malocclusion deformity and functional abnormality of teeth and maxillofacial, correction measures and functional reconstruction; study on pathogenesis and new techniques of prevention and treatment of maxillofacial bone related diseases.

    3. New technology of tissue regeneration and defect repair in oral and maxillofacial area

    The direction focuses on the research on the regulation of odontogenic and non-odontogenic stem cells tooth/bone differentiation from multiple perspectives, including stem cells, biomaterials and digital technologies, so as to find out the key regulatory mechanisms of dental and maxillofacial tissue regeneration and construct the dental and maxillofacial tissue regeneration and repair strategy. It focuses on the research and development of new dental composite ceramics, the improvement of manufacturing process and clinical application, and lays a theoretical basis for the research, development and promotion of new materials for dentition defects and loss. We strive to develop new dental ceramics with our own intellectual property rights and promote the localization strategy of dental materials. The systematic exploration of the implant surface modification method provides a scientific basis for promoting the bone bonding of implant restoration in early stage and preventing the treating failure of implant restoration under the condition of disease.


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