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WMU·CLP Treatment Center
  • Treatment Center for Cranifacial Anomalies

    Since the establishment of world Wenzhounese Smile Alliance on November 11, 2009, with the strong support of philanthropists, the Alliance has raised nearly 12 million yuan, including the municipal Charity Federation and the Municipal Red Cross, as well as donations from various enterprises, local Chambers of commerce and the society. So far, five large-scale medical assistance activities have been carried out in Wenzhou, Guangyuan, Linhai and Zhangzhou for poor children with cleft lip and palate repair operations and follow-up treatments for nearly 1,270 children free of charge. At the same time, the World Wenzhounese Smile Alliance has established "Wenzhou Medical College and Alliance for Smiles and Palate Treatment", "Cleft lip and palate Training Center", and "Psychological Counseling station for children with cleft lip and palate" successively, establishing a complete serial organization for comprehensive treatment of cleft lip and palate.


    At present, Treatment Center carries out daily outpatient service for cleft lip and palate every week. At the same time, 3 to 4 children with cleft lip and palate receive free surgery and relevant treatment for children in need of correction and speech training. Lectures on the knowledge of cleft lip and palate were held regularly, so that patients with cleft lip and palate and their parents could have a more in-depth and accurate understanding of the condition, treatment plan and follow-up treatment. So that its sequence treatment can be more perfect, the treatment effect can be more successful.


    Since 2010, the "Happy Smile" campaign has been held three times each year in collaboration with the Alliance for Smiles of America in May, July and November.

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