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Oral Science Institute
  • Oral Science Institute

    The Institute of Stomatology was established in 2012, and its predecessor was the Dental Materials Laboratory and Orthodontics Laboratory established in 2002.There are about 30 scientific researchers. Among them, the proportion of master and PhD staffs reaches 80%. Academician Zhang Zhiyuan was specially appointed as the director of the Institute, and Academician Li Xiaokun as the director of the research collaboration center. At present, it has set up Oral Biomaterials Laboratory, Ceramics and Biomechanics Laboratory, Oral Cell Biology Laboratory, Oral Molecular Biology Laboratory, and Bacteria Laboratory.The laboratory has a relatively independent space of 1,600 square meters, and the total value of scientific research equipment is about 10 million yuan.

           The main research directions of the institute are the basis of oral and maxillofacial tissue regenerationand new techniques for defect repair, the pathogenesis and prevention of oral inflammatory diseases, the mechanism of oral and maxillofacial development and deformity and new prevention techniques. In the past five years, we have undertaken 37 national natural science fund projects, 37 provincial scientific research projects, and the accumulative research fund exceeded 30 million yuan. More than 280 papers were published in core journals, of which more than 176 papers were included in SCI, and 2 were cited as cover articles by the authoritative orthodontic journal Am J Orthod Dentofac and the Top Journal of Dental Medicine J Clin Periodontol. We have published 6 academic monographs, and were obtained 26 authorized patents and the third prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award for 3 times, the second prize of Zhejiang Medical and Health Science and Technology Award twice. At the same time, the institute actively conducts exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions. So far, good cooperation intentions and strategic partnerships have been established with the University of the Pacific, Loma Linda University, University of Amsterdam, James Cook University and University of Alberta.

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