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  • Liu Jinsong and Deng Hui were awarded the title of "academician of the International College of dentists"
  • Recently, the 2021 International Academic Conference and academician award conference of the International College of dentists in China was held in Chengdu. Liu Jinsong, vice president of our hospital, and Deng Hui, vice president of our hospital, were invited to attend the conference, and were awarded the title of "academician of the International College of dentists".




    International College of dentists (ICD), founded in 1927, is one of the three major international dental organizations. It is the highest honorary and consultative organization in the world dental industry. It is an organization composed of international top dentists. It aims to promote exchanges and communication among dental professionals and help spread scientific knowledge, and is committed to promoting dental medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, management,the development of health care and community services. The academician of the International College of dentists is the highest honor for dentists in the world. ICD has strict restrictions and plans on the number of its members to ensure its influence in the world. Elected academicians must make outstanding contributions in the field of dentistry. Only the "most capable, most progressive, best educated and ethical dentists" can be nominated.


     Liu Jinsong, chief physician and Professor, Ph.D and D.D.S of Stomatology of Sichuan University, post doctor of biomedical engineering of Chongqing University,doctoral supervisor,visiting scholar of Dental College of Loma Linda University in the United States and Dental College of Amsterdam University and Amsterdam Free University (ACTA) in the Netherlands. He served as a standing committee member of the esthetic dentistry committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association,  a committee member of the prosthetics committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association, and the Secretary General of Wenzhou Stomatological Association. He is the second level training object of 151 talents in Zhejiang Province, high-level innovative talents in health in Zhejiang Province, middle-aged and young discipline leaders in Colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province, one of "Zhejiang excellent young doctors", and the first level training object of 551 talents in Wenzhou. He presided over and participated in 5 National Natural Science Foundation projects and 15 provincial and municipal projects. He published 21 SCI articles by the first or corresponding authors, and 8 national patents(3 were authorized) were applied for by the first inventor. He won third prize of provincial science and Technology Progress Award (ranking second), and three municipal department level science and technology awards. He is mainly engaged in clinical, research and teaching of prosthodontics. He is good at repairing all kinds of defective teeth and missing teeth, dental cosmetic repair, etc.

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     Deng Hui, chief physician and associate professor, Ph.D. from West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University , master Supervisor, visiting scholar of the University of Washington and the University of Queensland in Australia, is the vice chairman of the Committee of Periodontology of Zhejiang stomatology Association, the chairman of the Committee of Periodontology and oral mucosal of Wenzhou stomatology Association and the member of the Committee of Periodontology of Chinese stomatology Association. He actively absorbed and introduced advanced concepts and new medical techniques, carried out comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases including sequence therapy, multidisciplinary and regenerative technology, and was selected as  one of the "Zhejiang excellent young doctors", "Provincial College middle-aged and young discipline leaders" and the second level of Wenzhou "551" talent project. His research focuses on the basic and clinical research on the pathogenesis of periodontal disease and the mechanism of periodontal tissue regeneration. He undertakes a number of scientific research projects including 1 National Natural Science Foundation and 3 provincial natural science foundations. He has published nearly 20 academic papers as the first or corresponding author.

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