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  • Oral Charm Blooms with A Bright Smile---Grand Opening Ceremony of Longwan Headquarter of Stomatology, Wenzhou Medical University.



    On the morning of December 18th, the opening ceremony of the Longwan headquarter, school & hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University was held in Longwan headquarter. The medical layout of "One Body and Five Wings" was formally formed, and the development of school & hospital reached a new level and embarked on a new journey. Tang Xiaoshu, deputy mayor of Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, and Ma Weihang, former first-class inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Health Committee and president of Provincial Hospital Association, attended the ceremony. Academician Zhang Zhiyuan of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Wang Songling of Chinese Academy of Sciences, President Yu Guangyan of Chinese Stomatological Association, Professor Zhang Bin, Party Secretary of Harbin Medical University, Professor Lv Yijun, Party Secretary of Wenzhou Medical University, President and Academician Li Xiaokun of Chinese Academy of Engineering, related leaders of Zhejiang province, Wenzhou city and WMU, representatives of brother units or hospitals and employees of our hospital attended the opening ceremony.



    Tang Xiaoshu, deputy mayor of Wenzhou Municipal People's Government, pointed out in her speech that the official opening of Longwan headquarter was a good news for Wenzhou people, which would greatly enhance the oral health service capacity in Wenzhou and help build a healthy Wenzhou city. In recent years, the comprehensive service ability, technical development level and teaching quality of stomatology in school & hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University had been significantly improved, and had played a leading, demonstrating and leading role in southern Zhejiang, northern Fujian and eastern Jiangxi. Tang Xiaoshu said that since 2019, Wenzhou Medical University had assisted the municipal government in implementing the "Bright Eyes and White Teeth" livelihood project, creating the "Wenzhou Model" and "Zhejiang Experience" for dental caries prevention and control. Tang Xiaoshu hoped that school & hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University would take Longwan headquarter as a new starting point, optimize its management, enhance its connotation, strengthen its specialty, reproduce its new achievements and make new achievements!



    Yu Guangyan, president of Chinese Stomatological Association, congratulated school & hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University, for its contribution to the development of Chinese Stomatological Association. Yu Guangyan believed that hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University was a hospital with entrepreneurship. In about 18 years, the development volume and scale were gratifying; It was a medical school that adheres to the principle of building a moral education, and had built a sound and high-level dental talent training system and delivered a large number of dental talents to the society; It was a hospital that practices the great love of doctors, actively participates in the large-scale public welfare activities of "Going to the West of Stomatology", supports stomatological hospitals in underdeveloped areas in the west, and organizes a series of charitable public welfare activities such as "Smile Project", which has spread all over the country.



    Ma Weihang, president of Zhejiang Hospital Association, pointed out that people's health was the cornerstone of social development and progress, and the prerequisite for the masses to live and work in peace and contentment. Under the leadership of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Health Committee, hospitals at all levels in the province had continuously deepened the reform of "running at most once" in the field of medical and health services, and pushed forward the "1+5" tough reform. At present, we were in the strategic opportunity period of building a healthy China, and the opening of Longwan headquarter was of great significance to the development of school & hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University. Ma Weihang hoped that Wenzhou Medical University could draw a blueprint for development, further integrate medical resources, improve hospital management level, speed up the construction of smart hospitals, improve the quality of medical services, and better serve the oral health of the people.



    Professor Lv Yijun, Party Secretary of the Committee of Wenzhou Medical University, welcomed the guests on behalf of Wenzhou Medical University, and hoped that leading experts would come to Wenzhou Medical University more frequently to guide, discuss and seek common development and share new experience. Lv Yijun said that the school would fully support the construction and development of school & hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University. Lv Yijun hoped that school & hospital would seize the historical development opportunity of opening the clinic in Longwan headquarter, and further enhance the regional radiation ability of high-quality oral medical technology and medical resources with the attitude of bravely standing in the forefront, so as to provide all-round, high-level and one-stop modern oral diagnosis and treatment services for the people, and strive to become a high-quality hospital that is satisfied by the people, assured by the government and recognized by peers, and promote the high-quality development of oral hygiene in southern Zhejiang.


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    Academician Li xiaokun, the WMU principal, announced that "Longwan headquarter of hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University now is officially opened!"



    Ma Jianfeng, party secretary of the hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University , said that the staff of school & hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University dared to build dreams and set sail, after 18 years of hard work, we bravely embarked on a road of characteristic development; The hospital had developed from a building to a modern specialized hospital integrating education, scientific research, transformation and public welfare, from small to large, from weak to strong, finally completed the "one body and five wings" urban medical layout. After eight years' construction of Longwan headquarter and "flat design" layout, the annual outpatient service volume had increased by more than 300,000, which greatly improved the dental medical service capacity.



    The ceremony was presided over by Pan Yihuai, deputy party secretary and president of our hospital.




    At the ceremony, the medical staff of our hospital presented the drum music performance and the recitation program "Set sail when the tide rises, Oral charm Blooms", which expressed the common wish of the staff of hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University to forge ahead hand in hand.



    Brother units or hospitals at home and abroad had expressed their congratulations to Longwan headquarter in the form of videos or congratulatory letters.



    Undergoing through eighteen years of stormy journey with hardships, the school & hospital of stomatology Wenzhou Medical University would continue to uphold the spirit of "promoting morality, improving medicine, being knowledgeable and going ahead", adhere to the fundamental task of cultivating people by virtue, focus on people's oral health, help the strategy of "healthy Wenzhou" and "healthy Zhejiang", and strive to play the role of "leader" in the construction of dental regional medical center in southern Zhejiang.

    Translator:  Shen Hengyun


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