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  • The Master of Stomatology Cooperation Project between Our Hospital and the University of Alberta was Approved
  • Recently, the Ministry of Education officially issued a document approving the establishment of Alberta Institution of Wenzhou Medical University, including the Master of Stomatology cooperation project between our hospital and the university of Alberta, Canada.


    This is the first Sino-foreign cooperation project for postgraduate education in our college, and enrollment will be started this year. The project is included in the national postgraduate enrollment plan. Applicants should participate in the national unified postgraduate enrollment examination. After graduation, both Chinese and foreign degree certificates are issued.


    Our college attaches great importance to the internationalization of education. We have developed a multi-level and international training system, including graduate students, undergraduates, postgraduates and undergraduates studying abroad, since 2007 when we first enrolled foreign undergraduate students in stomatology in China. The successful approval of this Master of Stomatology cooperation project with university of Alberta, Canada, marks another major breakthrough in our foreign exchange and cooperation, and a new step in international education.


    The University of  Alberta is one of the top research universities in Canada and one of the top 100 famous schools in the world. Its school of medicine and stomatology has excellent educational quality and scientific research strength. This time, WMU and university of Alberta jointly established a joint institution and set up a master's degree in stomatology, which is conducive to the introduction of Canadian high-quality medical education resources, learning from Canadian advanced education concepts and models, enabling more students to gain more benefits through the Sino-foreign cooperative education platform, and promoting the improvement of the overall teaching level and quality of the college.

    Translator:  Shen Hengyun

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